Nokia N900 to get Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation

The new Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation update is live now for ten Symbian S60 smartphones, but if you’ve just slapped down for the Maemo fueled Nokia N900, don’t worry: Espoo has confirmed you’ll be getting that free satnav goodness shortly too.

At the press conference announcing the news this morning, Nokia executive vice president Anssi Vanjoki confirmed that the Nokia N900, which runs Maemo 5, a different operating system to most Nokia smartphones, will eventually support the free turn by turn service too.

“In later dates we will be increasing the number of support for this [sic] and certainly moving forward it will also support Maemo,” he told reporters.

Nokia Ovi Maps free navigation: hands-on photos!

Vanjoki didn’t reveal a date for when Nokia N900 support will arrive, but you can bet we’ll be on top of it as soon as it breaks.

Out TBC | £free | Nokia Ovi Maps

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