Apple tops Greenpeace green technology company chart

Apple has been slammed by Greenpeace in the past for using hazardous and ecologically dubious chemicals in its products but that’s all changed. In the latest edition of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, Apple tops the chart as the greenest of the tech firms. Others didn’t do so well…

While Greenpeace has praise for Apple, Sony Ericsson and Nokia, it criticised Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and LG for not doing enough to make their products greener.
Greenpeace claims that Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and LG have failed to phase-out toxic chemicals from their products and manufacturing processes. The chemicals in question include toxic PVC vinyl plastic and brominated flame retardants.
Apple, Sony, Ericsson and Nokia received their praise because they’ve introduced products which have ditched those chemicals with HP receiving an honourable mention for making similar efforts.
Casey Harrel, Greenpeace’s International Electronics campaigner, says: “Apple is leading and HP is playing catch-up but the lack of action from other companies is ensuring that customers and the environment are still losing out.”
Does how green your gadgets are influence your buying decisions? Let us know.

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