Boxee Box hands-on - keyboard remote spotted

The Boxee Box had already stolen our hearts, even before we’d grasped it in our hands. But today, when we caught sight of it across a crowded exhibit hall, our heart skipped a beat. Not only does the Boxee Box work like a charm, its slick remote holds a secret: a full QWERTY keyboard on its reverse!

It’s a stroke of genius on the part of Boxee and D-Link, which is responsible for manufacturing the TV streaming box. Using the QWERTY keyboard, it’s possible to quickly search your media library, or tap web addresses into the Boxee Box’s built-in web browser.

The Boxee interface works quickly and simply too, with new capabilities including sharing your viewing habits with friends through Facebook, as well as those also using Boxee.

Take a gawp at the Boxee Box in our hands-on photo gallery. It’s leapt straight to the top of our new year’s wish list, not that it wasn’t hovering there already.

Out by June | Less than $200 | Boxee

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