North Legion SMX Snow Bike
We love
Novel, cool and sturdy thanks to three skis
We hate
Could be better in powder
A cool idea for the slopes, but one for extreme types only
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Heading to the slopes in the New Year? Bored of your regular skis and can’t be doing with a snow board? Then how about the North Legion SMX Snow Bike instead. Rather than wheels, this bad boy comes with small skis designed to help you hurtle down the piste at breakneck speed. So is it a gimmick or a bona fide next-gen snow sports superstar? Read our North Legion SMX Snow Bike review and find out.

Traditional winter sports types will baulk at the idea of the North Legion SMX Snow Bike. But it’s actually a really cool idea: it’s as sturdy as a nuclear bunker, with two rear skis and one up front, making it more of a futuristic trike than a bike.

It all means that control is almost as good on the North Legion SMX Snow Bike as any skis or snowboard and better than older snow bikes, which only used two skis to get you back down to the bar at the bottom of the black run.

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On top of that, the full suspension is a god send and is the same you’ll get on a top end mountain bike. So if you find yourself on a nasty mogul run, you should be able to handle yourself. Add the fact it can stop quicker than a snow board and you’ll avoid any really nasty pile ups.

That said this is very much one for the regular slopes rather than the deep powder off piste. Because while the North Legion SMX Snow Bike has won myriad awards, it still doesn’t offer great control when you’re doing your thing in the powder.

The North Legion SMX Snow Bike is undoubtedly a killer toy to take on your winter hols in 2010. That said, if you’re not a pro, we’d suggest sticking to the tried and tested red run trip followed by an apres ski bender beloved of so many Brits.

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