Vodafone ditches HTC HD2 ahead of iPhone launch

We’d heard rumblings of the HTC HD2 being in short supply, and now Vodafone has confirmed it will no longer stock the mega-screened Windows Mobile device, ditching it ahead of a raft of new launches next year.

We’ve had official word from Vodafone on the fate of the HTC HD2 this afternoon, with a spokesman stating “We are not re-stocking the HTC HD2 for general consumer sales once current stock runs out. We have had a massive amount of interest in it, and our initial stock sold out quickly. Subsequent deliveries have been used to fulfill backorders, but we are not looking to re-stock the device.”

Explaining the move, our man at Vodafone said the HTC HD2 didn’t have a place in its line-up, purely because of other devices edging it out in the coming months. And, yes, the iPhone on Vodafone was mentioned.

“Looking at the range of smartphones we have, and with more coming over the next few months, including the iPhone, we’re confident that we continue to offer the broadest range of devices to our customers,” Vodafone’s spokesman said.

The move follows huge demand for the HTC HD2, which saw the handset selling “like hotcakes” in its first few days on sale. However, with Vodafone’s iPhone settings now available through iTunes, we have to wonder whether the network is focusing all its efforts elsewhere.

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