Apple investigating iTunes 9 syncing issues

Update: Apple has just released iTunes 9.0.3. Does this fix your iPod? Tell us now

After weeks of silence, Apple has officially told us it’s looking into the myriad iTunes 9 syncing issues iPod classic and nano owners have been complaining about to us. An Apple spokesman contacted us this morning, stating, “We are aware of the issue and are investigating.”

It’s a marked change from Cupertino’s previous stance, with the world’s biggest jukebox purveyor saying it had no comment on our previous reports of readers’ struggles in syncing iPods with iTunes 9.

iTunes 9: iPod classic syncing issues persist

You’ve continued to tell us about your problems with iTunes 9. Hopefully Apple’s investigations will solve any syncing issues and give your iPod a new lease of life.

Have you been affected by iTunes 9 syncing issues? Tell us now and we’ll take your complaints to the top. Make sure you give us as much detail as possible, including model name and when you bought it.

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