Apple’s support boards suggest Magic Mouse is not so magic

Apple’s Magic Mouse has been pounced on by plenty of peripherals fans but it seems the multitouch marvel may not be as marvelous as we’ve been led to believe. Read on to find out why…

While most people seem to love their Magic Mouse, the Apple support boards are now playing house to a growing band of folks frustrated with their new mice. Complaints seem to focus on tracking issues, Bluetooth disconnects and some seriously quick hardware failures.

Users have complained that the Magic Mouse simply refuses to remain connected via Bluetooth and send the pointer racing around the screen erratically. The Magic Mouse seems to work fine for most users with those complaining of problems generally rocking older hardware.

The issues with the Magic Mouse seem to (generally) be software rather than hardware issues so let’s hope that Apple slings out a software update to fix them soon.

Out now | £55 | Apple (via The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

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