DIY virtual reality goggles - make your own

Here’s a fantastic way to put an Android phone, or any handset with augmented reality apps to use: slap it on the end of of some goggles, and you can immserse yourself in Google Street view like never before. Read on for the video and instructions!

Mobile site Recombu has come up with a brilliant little weekend project for the HTC Magic. Attach it to a pair of Goggles with some cardboard and a bit of retro felt tip writing, and because Google Street View integrates with the compass and accelerometer, you can move around in the roads by looking.

Seer: augmented reality browser for Android

We wouldn’t recommend strutting around outside with a HTC Android phone taped in front of your eyes, but it’s a fun little make. Any iPhone accessory makers spy a new market to tap into here? Give the video a whirl and see what you need to try it yourself. It’s much cheaper than bidding for a Nintendo Virtual Boy on eBay!

Out TBC | £TBC | Android (Via Recombu)

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