Humax makes Freeview retune pledge

The Freeview re-tune fiasco has knocked out set-top boxes all over Britain but one leading PVR peddler, Humax, claims to have sorted any faulty box it’s been alerted to by angry audiences watching a blank screen. Has it fixed yours though?

We spoke to Humax today, asking what customers should do if their Freeview has conked out since the re-tune, but the set top box maker has shrugged off any concerns, saying that it’s fixed the problems with any Humax Freeview boxes customers have called regarding.

Three free Freeview alternatives

“Any customers who have contacted us regarding the retune have successfully retuned to products. The correct procedure is to select Default Setting via the Installation menu (many customers select Automatic Search incorrectly). We have not yet had customers who have not been able to get the channels,” a spokesperson told us over email.

None of Humax’s Freeview boxes are on the list of models that Freeview said in advance would stop working, but we’ve heard complaints of Humax machines losing almost all channels, requiring an engineer to take a look at his aerial.

It’s a bold statement from Humax and great news if true, but we want to hear from you: has your Humax Freeview been affected by the re-tune? Has Humax customer service fixed the problems for you?

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