SlingPlayer Android app primed

We told you more than a year ago how a SlingPlayer Android app was being looked at by broadband telly chucker Sling, but now it finally looks like it’s getting the project underway, with both Google’s mobile platform and another surprise smartphone OS getting the treatment too. Read on for the skinny.

According to a new job posting on the Sling Media site for a Senior Mobile User Interface Designer, the company’s keen on recruiting a developer “knowledgeable about and/or interested in becoming an expert on…iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and Palm WebOS.”

SlingPlayer coming to Android

Now four of those platforms are already ticked off (iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian), but it does appear that Sling is finally preparing a SlingPlayer Android app along with them, and even one for Palm’s webOS – in other words SlingPlayer on the Palm Pre, so you can watch TV on the move if you have a Slingbox hooked up at home.

There’s nothing more official on the plans for a SlingPlayer Android app, but if Sling is only casting out the feelers now, it could still be a while off still.

Out TBC | £ TBC | Sling Media (Via Pre Central)

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