Freeview - No apology over re-tune trauma

We’ve spent the day chasing Freeview for a response over your re-tune woes, but the digital TV giant has refused to give us concrete answers, even turning down our invitation to apologise to those affected by the retune farce. Keep reading for all the details.

Despite persistent questioning over the phone Sara Jones, Freeview’s PR manager, refused to give a categorical yes or no answer when we presented readers’ problems and asked her, “Will you offer a public apology to those whose Freeview boxes have been adversely affected by the retune?”

When asked the same question over email, Jones said, “The technical upgrade to the Freeview service was completed on Wednesday 30 September on schedule and all signals are broadcasting as expected. The vast majority of viewers appear to have retuned without any problems and are enjoying the full range of digital channels, and we are continuing to provide information and advice to viewers via the website and helpline.”

The refusal comes two days after the re-tuning process struck down Freeview boxes across the country, leaving many telly fans unsure of their next steps, and without their normal service. Freeview has yet to acknowledge the problems, instead re-issuing a day old statement which side-steps the EPG failures reported by our readers, fails to mention the loss of BBC channels in some areas, and makes no reference to ITV 3 and ITV 4 vanishing from some viewers’ screens.

Freeview retune: what you’re saying

The release says, “It is rare for people to lose channels but sometimes a second (or third) retune may be required to resolve these issues. They should also check all cables and connections are secure. If, after this, viewers are still missing channels, we would recommend they contact the manufacturer. All signals are broadcasting as expected.” Jones later said that any issues with ITV and Five should be taken up directly with them and not Freeview.

Freeview is refusing to answer more detailed questions. Their helpline cut us off when we tried to call and speak with a representative, and their website now redirects to the retune page only. Five is still claiming it has seen no ill effects from the retune.

Rest assured we’re not leaving Freeview alone and will continue to pursue the issues thrown up by its re-tune. Keep us updated with any troubles you’re having and remember to give us as much detail as possible, including the make and model of your equipment.

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