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Average keyboard, chunky looks, Windows Mobile 6.1
While the the Samsung C6625 is fine for a few emails, if you want a work phone with extras, BlackBerry and Nokia is where it’s at
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These days you can barely distinguish between a phone used for workaday drudgery and one that does all the fun stuff too. But the Samsung C6625 is very much a mobile for workaholics, with some little extras tacked on to make days of endless meetings seem a tad more exciting. Read our Samsung C6625 to see if it’s really worth getting het up about this slice of work–based gadgetry.

Heave the Samsung C6625 into your palm and you’ll realise instantly that this is a phone made for those who love working on–the–go. It’s hardy, to the point of being brick like and crams in a QWERTY keypad, meaning it should be ideal for tapping out messages to your minions.

The reality is somewhat sort of this, however. The keyboard on the Samsung C6625 compares poorly with efforts from BlackBerry and even makes the T–Mobile G1 look stylish. While the BlackBerry Curve 8520’s slightly raised and curved keys make firing off missives as easy as sacking interns, this flat affair leads to niggly spelling errors which you’ll need to go back and fix if you want to make an impression.

The UI actually looks rather neat for a Windows Mobile device, rocking a similar style to the TouchWiz interface now found on all of Sammy’s touchscreen cells. However, tinker with it and you’ll find that it’s actually rather unintuitive. Simple tasks like writing a message require more than two taps to get started and then you become lost in a Windows Mobile 6.1 morass of menus. Praise be that Windows Mobile 6.5 is round the corner.

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To its credit, the media extras on the Samsung C6625 are more than ample. Ok, the 2MP camera isn’t up to scratch, but then neither’s that on the BlackBerry Bold. We found the music player easy to get to grips with and access from the home screen worked well.


Similarly, battery life was epic, giving us four days before we needed to find some juice. Admittedly we steered clear of too much web browsing, but made plenty of calls and sent a raft of emails to boot.

Sadly though, that’s still not enough to justify buying the Samsung C6625. BlackBerrys are simply better and offer more, plus Windows Mobile 6.1 is about to finally meet its maker.

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