archos phone tablet incoming

Archos had “one more thing” to tease us with at the Android tablet unveiling today: an Archos Phone Tablet! Read on for what we know so far about this voice handling voluptuous PMP.

Archos promised us an Android toting PMP that could make calls too, but despite the fact that the new Archos 5 Internet Tablet has a microphone, it can only make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi. But the bods in Paris have been working on a follow up, the Archos Phone Tablet, that calls over HSDPA.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet hands-on photos!

Archos wasn’t saying much about it, or when we’ll be seeing a release date, but it did confirm that the Archos Phone Tablet will pack a slimmer 4.3-inch touchscreen with a sharper 854×480 resolution, HSDPA, a 1GHz Arm processor and a thin, 10mm shell. Think slightly bigger than the Toshiba TG01, and Android instead of Windows Mobile.

We’ll have more details on the Archos Phone Tablet when Archos drops them, or given its propensity for leaks, before then.

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