Sony PS3 Slim review
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Smaller, cheaper, bigger hard drive
We hate
The still missing PS2 support
The original PS3 did a lot right, but now that £50 and a slice of bulk have been lopped off, it’s an essential multimedia machine
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It’s been a couple of years in the making, but the Sony PS3 Slim is here at last. Sony’s chubbly console has long needed a crash diet, and the broccoli binge has finally paid off. The PS3 Slim is smaller and cheaper, but is that enough for fence squatters to slap down for? Read our PS3 Slim review to find out.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what the original PS3 is capable of: playing a whole bunch of games, surfing online and churning out up to full HD video like Scouting For Girls do MOR singles. And admittedly, the PS3 Slim barely improves on these features: performance is the same to the naked eye, even if power consumption’s been slashed. Astounding performance, yes, but not new. There’s even been a few things dropped for the PS3 Slim too, like the option to install Linux for code geeks.

That said, Sony has made trims in the right places too: the PS3 Slim is small enough to feel like it doesn’t need to hog the entire shelf space under your flatscreen (if you’re planning on standing it vertical, buy the stand or make sure it fits snugly, as ours threatens to topple), and it costs a full £50 less than before. Think about that. £249.99. You can now pick up a console with Blu-ray skills built in for just 70 notes more than a Wii. Why bother with Ninty now, we say?

And to pop a cherry on top, Sony’s upped the hard drive space to 120GB on this here low-end model, so you can cram even more movies on. In fact, if there are any downers with the PS3 Slim that really bug us, they were the grumbles we had with the older PS3 too: it’s light on quadruple A grade games still, and won’t play PS2 titles (You’ll have to pick up a chunky launch or 2nd-gen PS3 for that on eBay).

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Minor niggles though. The price busting dust Sony’s sprinkled on the PS3 should be more than enough to push even gamers who get pocket money still over the edge and into commitment, but here’s what earns that extra star: even if you think Solid Snake is a type of bowel movement, it’s a must have machine. £250 for a Blu-ray player that pulls all sorts of content down from the web for you? Hells yes.

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