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Google Listen is a brand new Android app straight from a Google Labs test tube with a neat USP: it searches for audio online, pulling it down straight on to your phone so you can tune in to any podcast you like. Keep reading for all the info.

iTunes is great for syncing podcasts, but you need to know what you want to listen to first. For the indecisive, Google Listen lets you hunt on the go, then build up sound clips into a queue to listen in order. If you do find a feed you like though, you can subscribe as well.

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Google Listen is English-only for now (though if you’re reading this that shouldn’t be a problem) and the search engine behemoth stresses it’s still infested with labs bugs, but give it a whirl on your G1/Magic/Hero and see what you can find. Good riddance to desktop syncing!

Out Now | £free | Google Listen

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