HP A826
We love
Prints bursting with colour. Super-fast printing speed.
We hate
The price gets pushed up when you factor in ink and photo paper.

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Prints? Charming! That’s what we think of the HP A826 anyway. This is royalty among printers.
Launch Price

Cramming tons of features into a titchy box that looks a bit like one of those robots in crappy sci-fi film from the 70s, Silent Running, the HPA826 is worth every single 135,000 pennies you outlay for it.

The HP A826 is dead easy to use. Why they bothered printing a manual is beyond us. Thanks to the seven-inch touchscreen you go from prints on camera to prints in hand in around 39 seconds! Just prod away on the touchscreen with your digits or the supplied stylus and you’ll be printing out 7×5 inch photos in no time.

Sultry chanteuse Sade once sang about a Smooth Operator, but we doubt he was as smooth an operator as this. Did he boast red-eye reduction, basic graphics and frames, plus captioning with an on-screen keyboard? Did he have a USB and memory card slots? We rather think not. The HP A826 does though. And it’s all the better for it.

But what about the prints? Well, after they’ve gone through the system in under a minute, they pop out the other end looking pretty impresive. No anaemic tones here, just vibrant colours. Admittedly the overall cost goes up when you factor in the photo paper (around 25p a print), but hey, that’s what you get with a home printer. And this one’s solid gold!

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