LG Cookie
We love
Stylish touchscreen mobile at an equally stylish price.
We hate
It’s lacking Wi-Fi, 3G, DivX and XviD playback.
The LG Cookie is about as basic as a touchscreen mobile can get. But then that’s the whole point.

LG’s no stranger when it comes to making touchscreen phones with silly names, and the Cookie lives up to that history on both counts with its three-inch touchscreen and biscuit-related monicker.

Looking at the LG Cookie, you might see a hint of the iPhone about it (if you squint maybe). It’s even got an iPhone-alike accelerometer so you can flip photos depending on which way you turn your phone. But that’s really where the similarities end. The case is plasticky and the 240×400-pixel screen is pretty low-res. LG has also opted to equip the touchscreen with vibrating Haptic feedback so you know when you’ve pressed a “button”.

LG has thankfully provided a stylus, as prodding away on the touchscreen with your fingers (particularly if they’re as portly as ours) can sometimes give you the impression that you’re using a calculator with a broom handle. The three-megapixel camera, meanwhile, is more than capable, capturing sharp and detailed pictures, which you can then save to a microSD memory card. How do you like that Apple, hmm?

Call quality is fine, but nothing else is really worth phoning home about. This is more about what it lacks than what it’s got. The omission of Wi-Fi or 3G is pretty unforgivable and LG hasn’t even bothered with GPS. And forget about downloading movies: DivX and XviD aren’t supported. Even web-surfing is painfully slow.

That said, all these omissions do have a beneficial side effect: the Cookie is one of the cheapest touchscreen phones around. So if you want all the style and glamour of the iPhone, but without the high price (and everything else that’s good about it), then the Cookie offers tomorrow’s tech and yesterday’s prices.

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