New iPhone iMovie editing hinted by Apple jobs

The new iPhone is already rumoured to pack video recording and an iMovie app for editing on the move, but several Apple job listings are starting to make it look even more likely.

BusinessWeek’s inside source claimed earlier this month that the new iPhone would feature video recording and editing abilities, and the myserious Deep Throat is starting to look on the mark, according to several new jobs Apple is looking to fill.

MacRumors has spotted an Apple posting for someone versed in “cutting edge embedded video processing”, and experience working with Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Unless that’s a MacBook 3G Apple is working on, that sounds like the job will have a lot to do with the new iPhone.

The new iPhone: what we know so far

Another job listing meanwhile looks for someone with experience in ARM’s processors, including its latest ARMv7 Cortex chips. The current iPhone uses an ARM predecessor, so this too would suggest a new iPhone will be faster as predicted, and much better prepared to handle power intensive video editing.

None of this is concrete however, but if you haven’t got 8 June marked down as the potential day of the new iPhone yet, you should get your calendar out quick.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (Via MacRumors)

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