LG Arena unboxed

An LG Arena, in a box? But LG’s stylish touchscreen phone isn’t even out yet, we hear you cry. Where did we get one of those? That’s not important right now: what is is that we’ve unboxed it for you with a plethora of pics. Read on to overload your retinas with the Arena!

We’ve already got hands-on with the LG Arena in photos and seen it on film, but it’s finally shipping to Europe, with the first bunch hitting shop shelves this weekend.

The LG Arena packs in Dolby Mobile for crystal clear pocket hi-fi (like the Renoir), but it also offers a WVGA resolution, 3 inch screen and LG’s swanky S-Class interface that’s a little bit iPhone, a little bit Android and a lot of style. The LG Arena also sports DivX support for videos, as well as 8GB of internal memory expandable via Micro SD card.

The LG Arena will be available on Orange and T-Mobile from this weekend, but if you just can’t wait until then, these LG Arena unboxing pics should help pass the time. Enjoy.

Out Weekend | £varies | LG

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