Twitter SMS updates on Vodafone confirmed

Twitter SMS updates are returning to Vodafone, it’s now been confirmed. As we heard first last night, if you’re on Vodafone, you’ll now be able to send and receive tweets for free. Yup, free. Absolutely nada. Read on for the lowdown.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has just announced that Twitter SMS updates will return to Vodafone in the UK. In the long run, sending Twitter SMS updates on Vodafone will simply be part of your text messaging bundle, but for “the first few weeks”, it’ll be completely free. Receiving Twitter SMS updates, will also be “totally free”, permanently, according to Biz.

The code to text Twitter SMS updates to is 86444, but you’ll need to activate your mobile number on Twitter first. And that’s it. Don’t despair if you want Twitter SMS updates, but you’re not on Vodafone though: Stone also said that “Twitter will continue to make arrangements with operators”, so this could just be the start of something beautiful with every carrier. We’ll let you know.

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