Gmail surprise coming Monday

Gmail, everyone’s favourite webmail service, turns five next week, and to celebrate, Google‘s got a present for us all: it’s going to announce a big new Gmail feature on Monday. What is it? More storage? GDrive? Read on to see what we know.

Google is holding an event in Brussels next week to celebrate Gmails’ fifth birthday, where it promises to announce the next stage for Gmail in world domination.

Details are thin underfoot, but it’s unlikely that the announcement will be Gmail going out of beta however: “It has more of a European multilingual angle to it,” a Google spokesman said. We’re not sure what that could mean seeing as Gmail is already available in most European languages, so we’re hoping that’s to throw us off the scent.

Now, brace yourselves. Like the IKEA car supposedly being unveiled on Tueday, this Gmail announcement is alarmingly close to April Fool’s Day. And we know that Google likes a laugh: remember the manned mission to Mars it had planned last year?

But everyone thought Gmail itself was an April Fools, and how we were all proved wrong about that. We’ll let you know if Google announces anything as Gmail blows out the candles.

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