Google Docs gets shared doodling

Google Docs just got collaborative drawing added to the cloud computing office suite, so you can doodle away with colleagues when you’re supposed to be finishing that spreadsheet. Read on to see how you can get in on the action.

Google Docs is getting more and more powerful by the day. As well as working on documents together in real time, you can now draw together. Just click insert in a Google Docs document and you’ll now see Drawing as the second tab down.

1 google docs gets shared doodling 2 The Google Docs drawing tool is designed for emebllishing presentations, but playing hangman at work seems like a much better idea to us. We’ve tested it out and it works well, save for the fact that you need to press the close (X) button to insert the drawing, which is somewhat counter-intuitive.

Another little improvement has just been made to Google Docs as well: a better find and replace tool bar. Unlike the Google Wonder Wheel we saw yesterday though, the Google Docs additions are live and waiting to be tried right now, so get your Rolf Harris impersonation ready and start drawing.

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