Acer Android phone hinted by top brass

An Acer Android phone really could be on the cards for 2009 – an Acer exec has dropped another hint that Acer will make the jump to Android this year. Details after the jump!

There were hints of an Acer Android phone at Mobile World Congress last month, where an Acer exec showed off a notebook with what looked like two Android models pencilled in – but Acer smartphone boss Aymer De Lencquesaing has added fuel to the flames by talking about an Acer Android Phone today.

De Lencquesaing was in London to show off the Acer smartphone range, and said that more two smartphones were scheduled for Q4 2009. When asked if the new models would use a different operating system to Windows Mobile, he admitted: “there is this possibility, yes.”

He wouldn’t give any further details but we can’t think what other smartphone operating system De Lencquesaing could be talking about other than Android. Unless he’s about to hop into bed with the Symbian Foundation.

The possibility of an Acer Android phone is clear, although Acer isn’t part of the Android Open Handset Alliance, so it would need to jump on board if it wanted to get hold of Google’s OS. What do you reckon? Is an Acer Android phone worth waiting for? From the sounds of it, we’ll have to wait for Christmas to find out, either way.

Out 2009 | £TBC | Acer

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