Asus Dual Panel laptop ditches keyboard for two touchscreens

Asus just revealed a dual panel laptop concept at CeBIT that ditches the keyboard for two touchscreens, just like the Nintendo DSi. All the details after the jump!

Asus has revealed the Dual Panel laptop at the CeBIT tradeshow in Germany, packing two touchscreens in a layout like the planned OLPC 2. Asus says the Dual Panel laptop will allow for a resizable virtual keyboard and touchpad, as well as multitouch and even an e-book mode to flick through pages as you would a real book.

The Asus Dual Panel laptop is part of a concept competition designed through, so while there’s no news as to whether the Asus will actually make the Dual Panel laptop, we hope it’s on the roadmap as some of the concept computers Asus showed off at CES appear to be. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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