Panasonic DMR-BS850 - The UK’s first Freesat Blu-Ray recorder

UPDATE: We’ve been playing with the DMR-BS850 this morning, and grabbed a load of hands-on photos. Take a peek!

Panasonic just unveiled its DMR-BS850, the first Blu-Ray recorder to hit the UK with two Freesat receivers built in. It means HD fans can record telly in full quality, either onto the hard disk inside, or onto Blu-Ray to keep forever. See why we think the DMR-BS850 is all sorts of awesome after the jump!

The DMR-BS850 is pretty much a complete home entertainment solution in a single box. Dual Freesat receivers let it record two shows at once, while a hard drive also lets it pause and rewind live TV, and it can even stream content from the web, or elsewhere in the house, through its ethernet port.

In case that wasn’t enough, the DMR-BS850 also has an SD card slot, so it’ll fling photos from a digital camera, or videos from a camcorder direct to the big screen. It can, of course, also plonk them onto Blu-Ray disc.

The whole shebang is Freesat+ compatible, so it’ll act as a PVR, pausing and rewinding live TV, or recording shows in full HD. There’s a 500GB hard drive inside, so you won’t run out of recording space in a hurry.

There’s also Panasonic’s new Viera Cast technology inside the DMR-BS850, letting it lap up online video content from YouTube, Eurosport, Bloomberg and Picasa without hooking up a separate set-top box.

We’ll be taking the DMR-BS850 for a spin later today. Stay glued for tons of hands-on photos and first impressions.

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