Android Market Paid Apps are go

Android Market Paid Apps have arrived, opening the door for app developers to charge for their wares and keep the profits.

Android Market has been planning to offer paid apps from the launch of the G1, but Google opened the Android Market – its take on the App Store enjoyed by Apple users – as a repository for free software only. That’s free as in beer, not ideology although there are plenty of open source apps up there.

Google has opted to allow developers to set app prices between $0.99 to $200 or local equivalent. Android Market will take only the barest running costs from priced apps, and developers will be able to keep all the profits. Dosh will be paid via Google’s own Google Checkout, so any developers will need a Checkout account.

Initially, only the US and UK Android Market will get paid apps, with other European countries, Australia and Singapore added in the following months.

Out this week | £varies | Android Market

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