Mophie Juice Pack available in the UK

The Mophie Juice Pack – the first Apple-approved add-on battery for the iPhone 3G – is to go on sale in to UK for the first time.

The Mophie Juice Pack is basically an extra lithium-ion battery that attaches to the back of your iPhone and clips into the USB charging port at the bottom.

The pack is encased in a soft material and is designed to hug the back and sides of your phone and act as a non-slip covering. Your phone will be a bit thicker than usual, but there is nothing chunky dangling off the bottom like you get with most emergency chargers.

Mophie claim that the battery will almost double the time you can use your phone between recharges, and that you can expect around 350 hours of standby time and around 6 hours of voice/internet usage. Audiophiles should gain around 28 hours of music.

Available now | £67.00 |

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