Resident Evil 5 co-op Xbox 360 demo exclusive - Coming next week

Happy Christmas Japanese Xbox 360 owners. But Europeans, Americans and any owners of a PS3 are apparently on Santa’s naughty list – you get nothing, not even a lump of coal. Famitsu Magazine in Japan has announced that a demo of the terrifying (and “dangerous“) African zombie action game Resident Evil 5 will be going onto Xbox Live Marketplace from December 5th.

The demo will consist of two stages playable in single-player or online cooperative two-player mode. Famitsu has only mentioned the game demo being downloadable via Xbox Live, sparking Internet rumours that it’s an Xbox 360 exclusive. And as the magazine is Japanese, it only mentions the Japanese market. Although, considering the way Xbox Live demos tend to work, we could expect it in the UK soon (and have calls in with Capcom’s PR people right now – so watch this space for updates)!

Resident Evil 5 out March 13 | from £30 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | Resident Evil 5 (via IGN)

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