Microsoft shipping XP ULCPC edition

Microsoft may be trying to move everyone onto Vista, but it just can’t seem to cut its ties with Windows XP once and for all. It’ll still be available for the small, cheap PC market – there’s even a special version: Windows XP Home Edition ULCPC.

Of course, it’s not available to everyone. First up, you need to be a PC maker to get your mitts on a copy and even then there are some strict provisos if you want to bung it on a machine before you send it out the door.

The machine must have a slow processor, a small hard drive and no more than 1GB of RAM – anything more and it seems Microsoft would consider it more than capable of running Vista. Of course, even if it qualifies, the cost of $26 to $32 is still more than Linux’s free price tag but it might just be enough to keep Microsoft on super cheap machines. According to Eee PC News, Asus’s Eee Box dinky PC is already shipping with XP ULCPC edition stickers attached.

Out now | from $26
Microsoft (via Eee PC News and Liliputing)

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