BMW’s eco supercar cleans the air as it drives

We’re used to gas-guzzling cars belching out noxious gasses as they whiz by, but what about a car that actually cleans the air as it drives? That’s what BMW’s been showing off.

The German car giant’s eco-friendly sedan sent jaws to the floor at last month’s SAE Congress in Detroit. It’s a hydrogen-powered 7-series that pumps out pure water as it’s driven along.

That means it actually emits less carbon monoxide than the air around it contains, pumping out fresher air as it drives by.

It’s no slouch either. A six litre hydrogen combustion engine gives it performance to equal its petrol-powered counterparts. Hydrogen fuelled cars are definitely the future, although BMW’s still not sure when exactly that future will be: there’s no release date set.

BMW (via Inhabitat)

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