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Creative Zii EggCreative has selected Opera as the default web browser for its Creative Zii Egg portable media player – or at least as the default browser for those using Creative’s own Plaszma operating system rather than the Android option.

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The Creative Zii Egg Android PMP turned heads an angle far more than healthy when it was announced earlier this week: as well as running Google’s popular OS, it plays back HD video without breaking a sweat, and the first clip of it in the wild has emerged. Keep reading to see it in action!

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Creative Zii EGG: the Android iPod touch

We predicted that the Creative Zii EGG PMP would pack Android when we spotted plans for it earlier this month, and we were right. The iPod touch toppler has just been made official, and not only is it Google-fueled, but it records and plays HD video. Want to know more? Read on for all the pics and info.

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