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A few weeks ago, we reported that YouTube’s spending big on trying to invade your living room. New content and exclusives from existing TV channels are on their way, so isn’t it time the world’s biggest video hosting site spruced itself up for the big screen? Google thinks so, if this sneak-peak of a new redesign is anything to go on… Read more

Today is exactly one year since a 14 year-old lad put a video online of a tearaway dog chasing deer on YouTube. Fenton, the dog who taught us all to follow our hearts no matter who shouts at us, has racked up in excess of 7.5 million views online, which in internet terms makes it ripe for some cashing in. Cue EE, which has taken the original and supercharged it for a new online ad. And it’s a bit weak. Read more

People are all too wary of product placement now. Audiences will knowingly roll their eyes at Bond knocking back a neither-shaken-nor-stirred Heineken because they’ve seen it all before. So are there any ways to do it that aren’t offensive? The last remaining safe place for product placement and sponsorship seems to be reality TV; people who watch that sort of thing care less about what you stuff down their faces than the audience for a hollywood movie. Just look at Samsung’s X Factor invasion.

And that’s probably why Microsoft’s now exploring that avenue for the launch of racing game Forza Horizon – which is as much the star of a new online reality TV show as the people in it. Will it push the envelope to tearing point? Read more

Sarah Hyland is not a gamer. Let’s just get that straight before you go jumping to any wild conclusions. Heaven forbid she let us think that she’s a gamer; it would be disastrous to her no doubt blossoming career. Gamers are obese, sweaty losers who live with their parents. Everyone knows that. Even NintendoRead more

There’s nothing like a bit of good old exploitation to drive stacks of cash into your bank account – just ask the parents of any child you may happen to see on the TV. The kings of such financial squeezing? Undoubtedly the parents of Charlie and Harry – YouTube’s most famous brothers. Yep – them again. And guess what? They’re making a lot more monies. Read more

You’re a massive company; how do you communicate with your customers, fans and haters? With professional decorum? Or as if they’re a friend? The correct answer, obviously, is that you should just arse around and enjoy yourselves.

Bodyform subscribes to this school of thought, and it’s just won the internet this week for doing so… Read more

What did you get up to on your Sunday? Make a nice roast? Sat about in your pyjamas? Maybe, if you were feeling unusually adventurous, you might have gone for a walk to the shops before they closed at 4pm. Chances are you didn’t jump out of a balloon floating 24 miles in the air.

But you may well have watched it. Read more

The Motorola Razr i is about to make a sizable splash on your TV and computer screens. The Intel-powered handset is set be the star of an ad campaign bigger than anything Moto’s done in the past, with a ‘world first’ thrown in for good measure. It’s funny what you can get done when you’re in bed with Google… Read more

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