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Keeping ‘mum’ on future products is a tricky business. These days it seems that for every one tight-lipped employee there are two slips of the tongue and one inside leak. Thing is, there’s legitimate slip-ups, then there’s misconstrued, arm-flailing gossip mongering. Microsoft’s just been the subject of the latter, and now it’s on damage control mission regarding the next Xbox. Read more

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The Wii U is still a way off, but in the meantime you can use your tablet to navigate your Xbox, as a kind of warm-up for Nintendo’s tablet-controlled console.

That’s because Microsoft’s My Xbox Live app has just been updated, letting you browse what’s on your Xbox from your iPad, as well as launch games. So sit back, relax, and use your Apple ‘Pad to find your way.

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We hot-footed it down to the launch of Now TV this morning, and weren’t disappointed by what we saw. It’s basically an online on-demand films service that promises to be Sky Movies without the contract.

You can opt for the all-you-can-eat Movie Pass option – encompassing five premieres a week along with the full catalogue of 1,000 movies – for £15 a month. Or you can rent movies from 99p to £3.49 a go. That’s in line with Netflix and Lovefilm.

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Microsoft’s playing its mobile hand wisely at the moment. With Windows Phone 8, it the company plans on being more open, honest and open to compromise than ever before. With rivals like iOS maintaining an increasingly locked down business model, is a more free approach to mobile going to turn the tide in Microsoft’s favour?

It is if Windows Phone 8‘s senior product manager Greg Sullivan has anything to do with it, as he revealed to us in an exclusive talk… Read more

Microsoft’s biggest news week in years has just rounded off with word that it’s launched the SDK for its second screen companion platform, Xbox SmartGlass. What magic is the Beeb and its cohorts about to come up with? Read more

If the rumours are true and Microsoft’s special event in LA on Monday really is the launch of an ‘offcial’ Windows 8 tablet, what would we like to see? Listen to us, Microsoft. For we are the font of all knowledge! Here are five things we’re hoping for.

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Xbox 360 gamers who prefer to rock an Android mobile can finally mess around with their avatars on the bus with the launch of My Xbox LIVE for Android. Sadly, the app won’t actually talk to your console.

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Sony’s E3 was about new platforms and new IPs. Nintendo’s was about reliving the glory days of 2011, but Microsoft’s E3 2012 was different: it wasn’t really about the games. With once bitter rivals Sony and Microsoft leaving each other to their own devices in order to stave off having to launch a new console, the latter’s taken the time to expand its horizons.

Gaming’s changed, and for Microsoft that means not really bothering with the games any more. What’s the future of the Xbox? Well, it’s not really the Xbox… Read more

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