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As marketing partnerships go, there’s something about the sci-fi thrills of Halo 4 and the grown-up financial sensibilities of American Express that doesn’t quite match up. Odd then, that this is probably the most ambitious, potentially rewarding tie-up ever to hit Xbox Live… Read more

Xbox Music is coming this month. That’s according to sources “familiar with Microsoft’s plans” anyway. But it would make sense, launching the same day as Windows 8.

The streaming service won’t replace Zune Music Pass subscriptions, but will co-exist as a free ad-supported Spotify-style offering.

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Xbox 360 gamers who prefer to rock an Android mobile can finally mess around with their avatars on the bus with the launch of My Xbox LIVE for Android. Sadly, the app won’t actually talk to your console.

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Finally. While the Wii and the PS3 have had the BBC iPlayer nestled inside their firmware for some time now, getting it into Microsoft’s flagship console has been a lengthy battle. Thankfully, that’s a battle that’s just been won: The BBC iPlayer has landed on the Xbox 360. Full, free and in HD. Read on for the full details. Read more

Sonic Episode 2, the second part in the Sonic 4 series, is coming soon to consoles and mobiles, but the Windows Phone and Xbox versions have a special trick up their sleeve. Microsoft is mkaing good on its promise of seamless gaming across screens, with Sega’s blue hedgehog now able to hop save files between both platforms.

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You might not have noticed, but Microsoft and its subsidiaries have been getting very cosy with the iPhone in recent weeks. First there was that HTML5 website designed to make your iPhone look like it was running Windows Phone. Then there was the My Xbox Live app, which let you tit about with your avatar on your iPhone.

But the most interesting app isn’t out until December 10: called ATLAS, it’s a set of maps cum tactical display on your smartphone which will give you a genuine advantage in Halo: Reach multiplayer games. And it’s headed to Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this will change the face of gaming, and Xbox Live, beloved by millions, in particular. It might even ruin it.

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Morning web people. We assume you’ve come in search of web newsings? No problem; let us guide you through the tech happenings that you might have missed. Read more

Lovefilm’s movie streaming biz has been growing steadily since Amazon decided to buy it up. The Lovefilm Instant service is now available on PCs, PS3, iPads and smart TVs, but there’s one prime candidate that’s always been missing: The Xbox 360. That’s now been rectified, as Lovefilm instant for Xbox LIVE launches tomorrow (6th December). Read more

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