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Everyone wants to be famous, even if it’s just for a fraction of second. This is nothing new, and it’s a fact that’s been exploited on TV and in campaigns since forever. But there is still new ground being broken, and new ways to make people feel all special. Case in point? The upcoming Halo 4 marketing machine, which wants to recruit you and your heroic visage. Read more

Hungry for some more Metal Gear Solid in your life? If the hole left when you completed MGS4 is a gaping one, we’ve got some good news: Kojima’s just dropped ten minutes of jaw-dropping footage for the next installment. Read more

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Nintendo’s had a difficult time trying to explain to the world exactly what the Nintendo Wii U is, and what it’s capable of. It’s been especially sketchy – since day one – about its raw graphical power.

Sometimes honesty is the best policy, though. Especially when lead game developers start blabbing that the console’s engine room lags behind the competition… Read more

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OK, so we know that Bungie doesn’t make Halo games anymore, but the developer was the brains and brawn behind much of the hugely successful Xbox flagship title’s history. With such a massive franchise under its belt, you can expect the world’s eyes to be upon your next big gaming series. Will ‘Destiny’, which has been revealed in an Activision contract, live up to that expectation? Read more

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Keen to get a new console on the cheap? A new scheme being trialled in the US by Microsoft may be your answer. But then again, it’s probably not. We’ve run the numbers to figure out why the subscription-based Xbox 360 is a terrible waste of your hard-earned cash. Read more

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The second dollop of Portal 2 DLC is on its way. Perpetual Testing Initiative is a level editor and puzzle building tool for Mac and PC. Console gamers will have to wait for their PC and Mac counterparts to build something for them, however.

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Two amazing looking screens from Halo 4 have leaked onto the web. If these really are in-game shots as the finders claim, could this be the game to see the Xbox 360 out with a graphical bang?

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Today the Xbox 360 gets yet another media app. Crackle joins the likes of Sky Go, Netflix and Lovefilm in bring movie and TV streaming to Microsoft’s console – but unlike those, it offers content that’s totally free. Yeah, free.

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