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What’s better than wireless music streaming? How about wireless music streaming and charging at the same time? Welcome to the future, courtesy of Nokia. Read more

You wish your mobile phone network was a bit nicer, don’t you? Just a little tiny bit more friendly. Maybe you should consider Giffgaff, the o2-owned mobile network that rewards you for helping out? Not that it really matters either way, of course: according to Giffgaff boss Mike Fairman, we could all be in for a very nasty shock when 4G arrives… Read more

At CES 2012 Toshiba unveiled a tablet. Everybody did. But Toshiba’s was different. It was a tablet that offered wireless charging via inductive technology, even while completely submerged in water.

It’s got me thinking all the way back to the Palm Pre, and how wireless charging should, by all rights, be a part of our everyday lives by now. So how come it’s not? Read more

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We don’t often write about speakers on ElectricPig because, frankly, they’re much of a muchness. The HiWave Bluetooth wireless speaker is the exception, thanks to a pretty revolutionary power-friendly tech. Read more

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