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Want to win a few top handsets at once? That’d certainly be nice. It’s exactly the opportunity we gave our readers last month, when we asked you to tell us why you think you deserved to win three top HTC smartphones. We were flooded with responses, but it’s time to reveal the winner… Read more

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If you got chucked out of X Factor auditions before getting a glimpse of Cowell’s leathery face, then Ovi has updated its X Factor app so you can indulge your wildest dreams digitally. The Ovi X Factoriser does a nifty digital gimmick where it puts your faces in the mags, on the billboards, and in the winning spot, so that for a short time, (and if you squint a bit so it looks genuine), you can imagine that you’re the one destined for a popular Christmas hit before sinking quickly into obscurity, Steve Brookstein style. Watch the video here.

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The James Dyson Award winner has been crowned today, anointed with efficiently and accurately directed air by James Dyson himself. The winner for the 2010 James Dyson Award is a buoyancy bazooka called Longreach, a device that shoots an emergency buoyancy aid up to 150m out to sea. A red and white life ring this is not. It’s packed with flares and expands to forty times its original size when it hits the water.

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grand challenge winnerTeam Stellar are the victors of this years Grand Challenge, the competition set up by the MoD to find the miltary robots of tomorrow, beating off competition from ten others.

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