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Just picked up a Windows Phone handset? Now’s the time to be nervous: we suspect that Windows Phone 8 is just a day away from being announced (Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit kicks off tomorrow in the US), and the list of existing handsets that will actually make the jump is possibly cause for concern. Still, we don’t know what the what is just yet – all we can do is speculate, so speculate we shall.

We can hazard a good guess at which features from Windows 8 will make the move into Microsoft’s next mobile OS, but what else should we expect? There are plenty of features from Microsoft’s rivals – iOS and Android – that Windows Phone 8 could do far worse than to borrow and tweak to its own ends. Here are eight rival features that Microsoft should nick, in order to knock up a killer OS update. Read more

So you may have noticed the web kicking off about how you can now play addictive life-drainer Cut the Rope online for free. It’s part of an Internet Explorer marketing gimmick, but we’ve discovered a dirty secret behind the whole thing… Read more

Good morning, and welcome to Wednesday. Yep; it’s Wednesday – that bank holiday fooled us too. In a good way. Whatever the day, we assume you’d like some tech news? Let us guide you through what you may have missed. Read more

Android Beam, the ability to wirelessly chuck files to nearby Ice Cream Sandwich handsets via NFC, is one of the tastiest new features to come to Android. But it might be about to get superseded by Microsoft, if the company’s ‘Beaming’ concept video is a sign of things to come. Read more

Morning. Tired? Don’t worry – we’re only 21 days from the shortest day of the year. If you’ve been too bleary-eyed to soak up as much tech news as you’d like, you’ve come to the right place; let us walk you through what you’ve missed.

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The Windows 95 start up music: you might not know that it was composed by none other than Brian Eno. Fact. We’ve just stumbled upon something more amazing than that, though, that suggests he’s not exactly the biggest fan of PCs… Read more

Does that new Xbox 360 Dashboard look nice to you? Me too. Microsoft’s been very uncharacteristic, of late. It’s suddenly started to produce products that can be genuinely described as ‘attractive’, ‘enjoyable’ and ‘well thought-out’. Thanks to some talented (and presumably new) user interface designers, Microsoft’s about to see a 2012 where everything it offers is exceptionally pretty – a 2012 where it could very well claw the ‘coolness’ top spot of tech status symbols away from Apple for the first time ever. Read more

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iCloud is now out for all Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 users, quietly working its way in the background to store all your important details and data in a server in a faraway land. It does also work with PCs however, something Apple hasn’t made much of a song and dance about. If you’re a Windows iPhone user, you’ll want to check out this free new download which lets you monitor it straight from your desktop.

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