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Last night, we attended the launch of Windows Phone 8 – the cherry on the top of an image overhaul Microsoft’s been trudging towards for two years. That’s it now; the second coming of Windows is here – desktop, tablet, mobile and games console all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Thing is, as nice as it all is, there’s no escaping the fact that last night caused a lot of confusion. Everyone in the room shared the same odd sense of Déjà vu, stemming from the fact that we were attending the launch for something that’d, well… that had already been launched some months prior.

It’s called the double-launch effect, and it’s a PR’s worst nightmare…

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We’re now just days away from the official launch of Windows Phone 8, and the smartphone superpowers are readying their wares for launch. Huawei’s got the latest of the bunch, the Ascend W1, but why should you care? Read more

Microsoft’s 2012 is a pretty busy one. On top of launching Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it’s also found time to bring about its own cross-platform Spotify rival. Xbox Music is finally landing tomorrow, but what does it actually do? Read more

iPhone-schmiPhone, right? While it may only be controlling around four per cent of the smartphone market, Windows Phone has a loyal fan base clamoring for the next batch of handsets, sporting the next iteration of the OS - Windows Phone 8. Good news, then: he wait is almost over. Read more

Xbox Music is coming this month. That’s according to sources “familiar with Microsoft’s plans” anyway. But it would make sense, launching the same day as Windows 8.

The streaming service won’t replace Zune Music Pass subscriptions, but will co-exist as a free ad-supported Spotify-style offering.

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Is there a Microsoft Surface Windows Phone handset incoming? The rumour has been doing the rounds a while now since the partner-bothering Surface tablet broke cover, but Microsoft has refused to deny it.

And now comes word from BRG that Microsoft plans to launch its own smartie “in the coming months”. But just because it can, doesn’t mean it should.

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The Windows Phone 8S by HTC is the company’s secondWindows Phone 8 handset launching today, the more affordable version to the top-of-the-range 8X. The Lumia 820 to the 8X’s 920, if you will.

But how does it stack up? Find out in our hands on.

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We’ve got our hands on the first two Windows Phone 8 handsets from HTC. The Windows Phone 8X by HTC is the range-topper, with a 4.3-inch screen and 8-megapixel camera.

But how does it fare in the hand? Read on to find out.

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