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There was a time when the best Windows Phone apps just meant the only Windows Phone apps. But the number of Windows Phone apps is now growing by the day, and has recently topped the 60,000 mark. While that’s not quite as many as the app catalogues proffered by Android and iOS – so thick they’d make the Argos catalogue look like a Size Zero – it’s still more than enough to confuse even the most savvy of Windows Phone owners. As such, we’ve decided to do you a favour: we’ve trawled through the Marketplace and hand picked the finest 100 for you.

These are, hands down, the 100 best Windows Phone apps – the ones that you absolutely need in your life and on your phone. All killer, no filler. Read on to get downloading… Read more

A huge leak this week has revealed a mountain of facts about the upcoming Windows Phone 8, which is currently codenamed Apollo and will be strongly flavoured by the upcoming desktop and tablet version of Windows 8. Read on for a deep dive into what we can expect.

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I’ve bought myself a Windows Phone. I love the phone and I love the operating system, but there’s one major fault with Microsoft’s silky OS that I just can’t get over: the horrifically over-priced apps. When you look at the Marketplace as a whole, there appears to be a massive gap in the market just waiting to make some plucky developers rich… Read more

Windows Phone 7‘s voice capabilities were gifted via the software update to 7.5 (Mango), but what it lets you do isn’t quite on a par with Apple’s Siri. Thankfully new app Ask Ziggy looks to bridge that gap with some intelligent answers and the ability to quote Monty Python. Read more

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Thinking about ditching your iPhone? Now you can take the competition for a spin before binning your Apple device. Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 demo is an interactive treat, designed specifically to work on an iPhone, it seems. Want to take it for a test drive? Just point your iPhone’s browser at the link after the jump.

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Last week, group messaging service WhatsApp started cryptically talking about mangoes on its Twitter feed, prompting speculation that the popular IM client was poised to launch with the latest version of Windows Phone 7, dubbed “Mango”. Today, reports have hit the web that the app has already surfaced on the Marketplace.

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I’m not a Windows Phone user myself, but I’ve reviewed just about every single Windows Phone 7 handset that’s been released in the last year, including the lesser spotted Dell Venue Pro. And I like it: it’s cheery and easy to use, and with the upcoming Mango update, will just about achieve feature parity with its competitors, iOS and Android.

I’m always keen on more choice and competition when it comes to tech however, so though you wouldn’t catch an Android dork like me dead with an LG Optimus 7, I’ve been following Windows Phone’s first year of existence anxiously, hoping Microsoft can pull it off. Which is why reports this weekend that Samsung could be pulling out of Windows Phone altogether fill me with fear for both Redmond and Nokia’s future.

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Nokia 900 Windows Phone leaked: super phone or super fake?Ah, what would the internet be without tantalizing rumors and smartphone mock ups. Today, a user from the daily mobile forums has posted an image which he believes is the Nokia 900, a blue-chip Windows Phone due out in early 2012. The user claims to have sourced the image from a ‘reliable source’, but these specs sound like a fairy tale if you ask us. Introducing, the Nokia 900.

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