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The HP TouchPad could have a new life as an Android tablet if a band of dedicated developers pull off their new project. TouchDroid is a plan to port Android to the HP TouchPad and open up the Android Market on the tablet. The team of four (Thomas Sohmers, Frankie F, John Hale and Jacob Bell) has already got a website up touting for donations to the cause and has outlined how they plan to turn the webOS device into a member of the Android army.

To start with, the TouchDroid project is aiming to get Android Gingerbread up and running on the HP TouchPad but has its sights set on jumping to Android Honeycomb soon and even getting Android Ice Cream Sandwich onboard once the combined tablet/smartphone OS emerges. You can follow the group’s progress at the link below. Click the headline and hop into the comments to tell us: do you fancy playing with a HP TouchPad with Android inside?

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Is the iPad 2 the perfect webOS tablet?Early today when HP announced it was closing shop on webOS hardware we began to speculate over possible hardware partners for the waning OS. Apparently HP engineers had begun experimenting with possibilities long before the announcement. The Next Web is reporting that a source “close to the subject” has first hand knowledge of webOS running on Apple hardware. Even more shocking? The iPad 2 runs webOS twice as fast as the HP TouchPad.

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The HP Pre 3 review that never was The HP Pre 3 review that never was

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For the last couple of days, I’ve been testing the HP Pre 3, putting it through the usual rigorous treadmill of testing we do here. Then last night, HP canned the platform it runs, webOS, essentially pulling the plug on a phone that was barely on sale: for while I’ve always said you should never buy a phone based on what it might do in the future, there’s no point buying a smartphone with no future.

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Oh, HP TouchPad and HP Pre 3, we hardly knew you! Over night, HP announced that it’s killing off its webOS devices and plans to spin-off its PC division as a seperate entity while the bulk of HP turns towards enterprise software with the acquisition of British firm Autonomy.

While the devices are dead, This Is My Next reports that webOS boss Stephen DeWitt repeatedly told employees: “We are not walking away from webOS.” But though HP is making all the right noises about licensing or selling webOS, who might pick up the baton? Can webOS really live on?

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We told you the HP Pre 3 would arrive today after Clove spilled the beans yesterday, now the third member of the webOS amigos has joined the HP Veer and HP TouchPad on the HP Palm official store.

You can get a SIM-free HP Pre 3 in your hands within 1 to 2 business days if you slap down £299 for the privilege. For that you’ll get a 1.4GHz processor, a 3.6in touchscreen, webOS 3.1 and Touch To Share smarts when you pair it with the HP TouchPad .

It’s been a long seven months since the HP Pre 3 was announced and we’re wondering whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting its arrival or distracted by other things. Click the headline and head for the comments to let us know whether you’ll be plumping for the Pre 3 now it’s finally arrived.

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HP Pre 3 lands tomorrow for £360 to complete webOS trilogyThe HP TouchPad and HP Veer will add a third amigo tomorrow. Clove is reported that the HP Pre 3 is due to be in stock. Priced at £360 including VAT, the webOS flagship is the perfect pairing to help your TouchPad realize its full potential. ‘Touch To Share’ begins tomorrow.

It’s been a long six months, but webOS fans can now celebrate. Contrary to previous reports which suggested a price increase, the Pre 3 retains its original price of £300 (£360 inc. VAT). A reasonable fee for a 1.4 GHz processor, 3.6-inch touchscreen and the latest build of webOS don’t you think?

August 17 | Clove | £300 (£360 inc. VAT)

The HP TouchPad has just had a price cut in the US and looks like it’s struggling but the company is forging ahead with its next webOS tablet. The HP TouchPad Go, a 7in model, has popped up in documents from the Federal Communications Commission. We first heard about a 7in webOS tablet in January this year when it was referenced in HP documents with the codename Opal.

While HP hasn’t officially announced the HP TouchPad Go yet, the FCC filing reveals that it’s currently rocking a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor and 3G. Those specs could obviously change before it makes it to the shelves but it’s rumoured to be set for release later this month. Are you tempted by a more pocket-friendly HP TouchPad or have previous 7in models like the BlackBerry PlayBook put you off? Click the headline and hop into the comments to tell us.

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HP TouchPad 4G arrives amidst Wi-Fi only fire saleThe latest version of the first webOS tablet has surfaced on Amazon. The HP TouchPad 4G is now available for pre-order, touting a faster 1.5 GHz processor, 32GB of storage, the latest build of webOS (3.0.2) and support for 4G data speeds. It appears HP has beat its roadmap estimates which suggested the 4G slate would debut in late summer or early fall. Can the TouchPad 4G turn webOS into the tablet contender HP had hoped?

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