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Siri, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Siri, can you defend yourself in a court of law? We hope so; a man in New York has taken an intense disliking to the iPhone 4S’ ‘humble voice assistant’, cuing up a lawsuit against Apple on the grounds that ads for the iPhone 4S make it look far better than it actually is. Read more

Another day, another cheeky Android promo video takes a swipe at the iPhone 4S. This time it’s an ad for the Motorola Razr, which pits Apple’s Siri against Google Voice Actions for Android in a fight. A bit of a skewed fight, at that… Read more

While you may view Apple’s Siri as nothing more than a nice gimmick t help with iPhone 4S marketing, there’s no denying that it’s put pressure on other tech companies to roll out their own voice assistants. Now details on Google’s effort have been leaked, and it’s on it’s way fast. Read more

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Google Voice launched a trial in August, giving free calls in the US via Gmail Chat. The original trial period was meant to last until the end of 2010, but now Google has announced that free calls in Gmail Chat will be extended for an extra 12 months.

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Xbox Live is teeing up for a major audio upgrade just in time for the launch of Kinect. The refresh is designed to improve the sound quality of voice chats between Xbox 360 gamers so you’ll be able to hear the mocking cries of kids as the pwn you in Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer even more clearly…

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It’s been another busy morning stuffed full of gadget gossip galore, and we’ve got all the best bits of it rounded up for you right here. Read on for the lunchtime lowdown!

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Windows Mobile 6.5 will get a Voice Command function allowing users to control their phone just using spoken commands.

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Anyone getting a TomTom satnav will get a special treat this Valentine’s Day: Kylie telling you where to turn instead of the usual drab directions to liven up your drive!

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