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With S-Voice, Siri and Google Now, it’s pretty apparent that voice recognition tech will play a larger and larger part in the way we use our mobiles. However, there is one problem facing these systems: they’re not quite clever or active enough. Yet. Here’s how that could be about to change… Read more

Driving while fiddling with tech is a dangerous combination. Unless you’re James Bond, of course. Luckily, TomTom’s just made it infinitely easier to change your destination or escape the traffic without taking your eyes off the road. How? By stuffing its own version of Siri’s voice recognition tech into your car. Read more

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Amazon’s clearly not happy simply taking on Apple with its Kindle Fire tablet and slew of content services. The online retail colossus has snapped up a voice recognition company called Yap, with rumours flying that this could be the company’s first step towards taking on Apple’s Siri app, found on the iPhone 4S.

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Google Nexus OneGoogle’s Nexus One features built-in voice recognition but don’t expect it to join in with your Malcom Tucker-esque foul-mouthed ranting. It seems Google’s voice tech takes a hard-line on swear words, censoring them outright…

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FordFord’s updated in-car Sync system will allow its vehicles to read Twitter messages to the driver and will eventually allow you to reply using voice recognition. The feature is currently delayed due to safety fears.

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It was delayed for a few days, but Google’s new iPhone app, complete with voice recognition, is now live on the iTunes App Store. We’ve been trying it out, and in one word, it’s awesome!

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Nokia’s voice-sensitive music phoneTake a peek at the new Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. It’s Nokia’s all new music phone, with dedicated music keys and whizzy voice regonition software.

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