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Mobile World Congress is an event all about mobile phones and tablets, right? Then why has Ford rocked up with a couple of new cars? Partly to be the first car company ever to grace the show, and partly to launch its new B-Max with SYNC, a Siri-style voice-control tech that will make the B-Max “among the most technologically advanced small cars you can buy at any price.” Read more

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Talk of vastly improved iOS voice control features has been around since Apple bought Siri in April 2010 and iOS 5 is increasingly looking like the update that will deliver them. Reports last month suggested we’ll see Siri’s artificial intelligence skills baked into a new iOS 5 feature called Assistant, now screenshots have emerged purporting to show how the speech-to-text function will work.

9to5Mac claims to have got the grabs from a reliable source. It shows a new microphone icon on the keyboard which will activate speech recognition with a microphone overlay appearing while you’re talking, just as it does with current iOS voice control features. Interestingly, the source claims Apple will only bring the speech-to-text feature to the iPhone and iPod touch initially. That sounds odd as there’s no obvious reason to exclude the iPad.

With iOS 5 still in beta and the iPhone 5 still just a collection of rumours, there’s no guarantee as to what voice control will end up in the finished product. Click the headline and jump into the comments to let us know what you want Apple to include.

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The iOS 5 announcements during the WWDC keynote yesterday made lots of rumors a reality, most notably deep iOS Twitter integration, but something big was missing.

Ever since Apple snapped up snazzy voice search firm Siri in April last year, talk of souped-up iOS voice smarts have been high on the agenda. But while Apple didn’t out anything yesterday, it looks like those features will arrive with iPhone 5

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Someone’s found another iPhone OS 3.0 feature tucked away inside the beta: voice control, so you don’t even have to touch your mobile to call and message contacts. Who needs multitouch when you can use your mouth?

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The iPhone 3.0 beta may have spilled more secrets as MacRumors has unearthed yet more revelations from the beta frimware upgrade. Autofocus, voice control and more solid evidence of video recording are among today’s batch of rumours.

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