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Later today will see the UK network bigwigs sit around a table and have a serious powwow with regulator Ofcom about the plans for 4G.

Likely to be subject of discussion? Everything Everywhere’s plans to launch before everyone else.

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We never thought we’d see the day, but it looks as though 4G in the UK is just around the corner. OfCom has awarded Everything Everywhere the right to use its existing airwaves to make it happen, but not everyone’s so happy. Read more

About a year ago we brought you the full lowdown on what 4G is, how it works, and when it’ll be coming to the UK.

So what’s happened over the last 12 months? Where are our 4G handsets? And when will we actually have 4G networks up and running? We’ve spoken to the industry experts for an update, and we have to warn you, there’s a lot of squabbling going on…

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You might assume working in tech requires sitting in an office most of the day, and for the most part that’s true – but there are some glorious exceptions. Take Vodafone “pedestrian tester” James Watt, for instance: he hikes around London each day measuring signal strength for the network.

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Waiting for 4G in the UK? Yeah, us too. It’s a bit of a shame that the US gets blazing fast mobile web and we’re chugging along at 3G. Still, it is coming, and hopefully soon. To that end, O2 and Vodafone have just put pen to paper to sign a deal that’ll allow both of them to share mobile sites. The 4G mobiles cometh… Read more

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Heading to any festivals this year? If you are, you’ll probably be worrying about how your smartphone’s going to survive. First of all there’s the great British summer, and the boundless mud that comes with it, but the bigger worry is battery life. Fret not: Vodafone’s charging truck cometh, and it’s got some amazing new tech powers to make sure your phone can’t go walkies. Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S3: If you’re not even the tiniest bit excited about it, you’ve either not been following the recent run of leaks, or you’re a resolute Apple fan. By now you’ll probably have all your cash lined up and ready to go, but who will you be handing your notes over to after the May 3rd announcement event? One UK network has already signed up. Read more

Stop panicking! Stop panicking! Sit down, take a breath, cool your jets. The Ice Cream Sandwich update for your Vodafone Galaxy S2 is available today, but that’s no reason to throw your coffee all over the floor, is it? Want to get it? Here’s how… Read more

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