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Want an app happy smartphone but don’t feel like signing your life away for the next 18-24 months? No problem: there’s a whole bunch of Pay As You Go Android phones heading your way in the near future. We take a look at them all here.

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Is it an Electricpig phone? Is it a Vodafone Smart? Actually, it’s both!

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The big red network’s just announced a new Android smartphone, the Vodafone Smart. It’s a sequel of sorts to the rather woeful Vodafone 845, but this time it’s sporting much more spruced up specs: though the screen is a mere 2.8-inches wide with a 320×240 resolution, it is capacitive so it reacts to finger presses rather than a fusty stylus. It’s also running a more recent version of Android 2.2, and comes with various back plates you can switch in and out.

The Vodafone Smart will be available on Pay As You Go on release, though a launch date and price are still TBC. However, it’ll have to come in well under £90 if it’s to beat the ZTE-made Orange San Francisco, which packs more pixels per pound than any other handset we’ve ever tested. We’ll keep you posted, and in the meantime click the gallery for images.

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