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Today is exactly one year since a 14 year-old lad put a video online of a tearaway dog chasing deer on YouTube. Fenton, the dog who taught us all to follow our hearts no matter who shouts at us, has racked up in excess of 7.5 million views online, which in internet terms makes it ripe for some cashing in. Cue EE, which has taken the original and supercharged it for a new online ad. And it’s a bit weak. Read more

Someone at Activision‘s obviously been on a viral marketing course. Yesterday a few leaked images seemed to point to a launch event on May 1st for the next Call of Duty game, and today a very fake, very viral-ready video takes to the web to showcase one of the game’s secret weapons. Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gearing up for a near-future setting? Read on past the jump for the details. Read more

Fenton the dog (or Benton, if you’re that way inclined) has become an internet superstar this week, joining the ranks of such elite viral video canines as the stoned birthday dog and the one that enjoys a bit of skateboarding. The video that made him the an online hero has now spawned an inevitable flow of YouTube mashups, so we thought we’d bring you the best. Read more

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