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There’s nothing like a bit of good old exploitation to drive stacks of cash into your bank account – just ask the parents of any child you may happen to see on the TV. The kings of such financial squeezing? Undoubtedly the parents of Charlie and Harry – YouTube’s most famous brothers. Yep – them again. And guess what? They’re making a lot more monies. Read more

Sit still for a minute; we’re about to crack your head open and readjust some stuff. First of all, work your mind muscles around this madness. And now, while you’re all confused, this: the idea that watching a video can (and, in many cases, should) be interactive.

Yeah… Crazy talk, right? Kind of, but it’s often the crazy ones that make things better. Just ask Apple. Sometimes, if you toy with the status quo, you can make things an awful lot better. Granted, sometimes you end up with something insane like this here pizza burger, but sometimes things do end up drastically better. Case in point? Viral videos that let people play with them. Read more

Porn is the internet’s unlikely master. Stop your snickering; adult websites are websites like any other, only in a lot of cases they’re much, much better. Much better than even the biggest names on the web, in fact. They have to be – there’s so many of them, so the need to be the best is paramount. Sound like a familiar situation?

Question is, then, what real, useful insight can you learn from the virtual smut peddlers? Lots, as it turns out. Read more

Remember the ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ ads from a few years ago that had Justin Long doing his best to convince the world that he was an aspirational figure? Reaction was mixed at best, and Apple wisely moved away from celebrity endorsements for a while. But now enough time’s passed for us to be impressed when someone with a recognisable face appears on our living room glow-boxes, so it’s at it again. And now Apple’s Siri’s got some A-List friends. Read more

Good news for deep thinkers: Android devices have just received a version of one of the iPhone and iOS’ best apps - TED Talks. Want to expand your horizons, be inspired and, hey, maybe learn a thing or two? Read on for the full details, as well as our pick of the best ones that you need to watch first. Read more

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As first-world problems go, struggling to assemble IKEA furniture is right up there with the worst of the worst. Thankfully the Swedish flat-pack king has decided to make things a bit easier, by launching a new YouTube channel chocked full of instructional videos. Read more

Play Minecraft Zelda now!

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Minecraft mods just keep getting more and more impressive. One brick-wielding wizard has knocked up a tribute to the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time using Minecraft’s toolkit. Find out how you can play Zelda Adventure right now.

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Video: Polaroid Pogo printer

[DESC]Check out Polaroid’s Pogo printer. It’s quick, cute, and can’t be matched by anything else! Isn’t it lovely…[/DESC][ID]d2B-W5hD4s8[/ID][AUTHOR]electricpigtv[/AUTHOR][IMG]http://s1.ytimg.com/vi/d2B-W5hD4s8/default.jpg[/IMG][RATING]0.00[/RATING][VIEW]394[/VIEW][UPLOADTIME]1205497607[/UPLOADTIME][LENGTH]49[/LENGTH]

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