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Last year, we broke the news that the low price Advent Vega tablet was due an Android 3.0 Honeycomb update. While that’s yet to materialise officially, a bunch of enterprising hackers have gone ahead and shoehorned the tablet optimised operating system on to the little slate that could anyway. Read on to see it in action!

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It’s the end of another busy morning in gadgetry and games: read on to see just what went down here in our news roundup.

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The Advent Vega was released to a storm of good reviews (including one from us here at Electricpig). It was a cheap, basic Android tablet that worked. Then it all went a bit wonky as the Flash plugin turned out not to be properly certified by Adobe, and so Advent had to yank the Vega’s Flash skills from then on – a pity, since it worked just fine in our testing.

There’s now a download available for people who ended up with an Advent Vega sans Flash, but there’s a new version of the Advent Vega with certified Flash pre-installed too. The difference? A fiver. That’s for the inconvenience of having to plug in and download an update when you get home. Fair or not? Read on…

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Want the best budget Android tablet this Christmas? If you know an iPad costs just too gosh darn much, have a gander at these Google flavoured stocking filler slates instead, and weigh up your options.

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Advent Vega review roundup

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The Advent Vega is a tablet that won’t break the bank: priced at just £250, the Android 2.2 powered 10-incher aimed at people who might not otherwise invest in a tablet. We gave our opinion last week in our own Advent Vega review, but what do the other tech outlets make of it? Read on and we’ll tell you.

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Advent Vega review Advent Vega review

Advent Vega review

Update: Advent has been in touch to tell us issues outputting sound through HDMI is down to our Sony TV. Apparently, it’s a well-known issue, with discussions all over the web. We can’t test it at the moment, since we only have Sony TVs to hand, but have you replicated it at home? Give us a shout in the comments section.

Oh, Advent Vega. It’s been a torrid love affair. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab snubbed us with its high asking price, here you were, promising scarily similar performance and specs, at less than half the cost. You’ve been playing hard to get on online stores, and come out of nowhere, winding up as one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2010 in the UK.

Now though, we’ve had a chance to test the slate out thoroughly, and cut through all the hype. Has it been worth the wait? Read our full Advent Vega review to find out.

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Our Advent Vega review is coming very soon, but there’s still time for you to have your say and shape it to your satisfaction. Got any burning questions you want answered about this low price Android tablet? Whatever they are, just click on through and leave them in the comments – a video unboxing awaits you after the break.

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Right then. Foods up! Read on for your plate piled high with all the latest gadget news, here in your lunchtime lowdown!

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