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Is Facebook doing a Google? Earlier this year, Google announced its plans to launch its own fibre-optic internet service in the US. Now it looks like Facebook’s getting in on the action too. Well, sort of. Question is, how much are you willing to bend to get free WiFi?

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The big problems facing the concept of mobile payments are the lack of participating stores and the lack of public awareness. What the system needs is a big name to get involved. How about Starbucks? Yeah, that should do it.

Only this isn’t mobile payments as you know it; this is something a bit more special. Read more

Kickstarter – the site that lets people fund your madcap product plans – is coming to the UK this autumn. The site has helped make real all sorts of things, from technological watches to games, to a tool for making your own furniture.

So if you’re getting your thinking cap on, here are 10 success stories to inspire you.

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Apple has succeeded in having the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from sale in the US. And this just weeks after Apple and Samsung tried to make peace. Looks like there’s no end in sight to this squabble…

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A series of reports have revealed the crazy state of employment and university entry in the US, which now allows the people in charge of your future to access your online secrets. The newest craze in humiliation? Demanding your Facebook password before being offered a job. Read more

Amazon is in the final stages of inking a deal with Viacom in the US that will help it launch a movie streaming service to compete with Netflix. But hang on, if Amazon’s getting serious about movie streaming in the US, where does that leave Lovefilm? Read more

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Nokia N9 availability checker: UK, US and India notably absentNokia has just released an availability checker for its upcoming MeeGo-powered N9 smartphone. Unfortunately the UK, US and India are not listed in the group of 23 countries on the pulldown. While this alone does not rule out launches in these countries, it may suggest a phased roll out with smaller markets leading the launch.

A Nokia smartphone launch without the UK is quite a shock. India has been sidelined before with Nokia device launches. Looking back at the Maemo-powered N900, it took ages for the device to launch. The US has also suffered similar setbacks since carrier support it limited and Nokia phones are sold almost exclusively SIM-free.

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Nokia strikes back at Apple: ITC complaint round twoSometimes companies just don’t get along. Such is the case for Apple and Nokia, whose latest legal dispute has surfaced in a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC). According to the complaint, Nokia is alleging that Apple infringes additional patents in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets and computers.

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